The Commitment to Intent


Living life like a hamster spinning on the wheel inside of a cave… so close to the light I could see it, yet never quite reaching the blessed exit - or entrance - to a brighter world never appealed to me.  It just didn't serve me.  Times passed when I ran for the sake of running, or ran for fear of what would happen if I stopped.  Times occurred when I ground to a halt so suddenly the world came crashing down all around me.  Most of all, the more I ran, the more things remained the same. Woman on Hamster Wheel

Then, one day I made a decision.  I could either keep doing what I was doing or I could change.  Circumstances wouldn't change unless I consciously made a concerted effort to affect transformation.  I took those lessons and decided again to stop running.  What was I running from anyway?  This time though, I didn't grind to a stop.  I slowed down.  I took a hard look and assessed what I'd done with the tools I'd been given and realized, not only had I not done as much as I'd thought had to change, but options laid front, center, and back of me and I neglected to choose altogether.  Behind me, the cave went ever so deep into some unknown.  It was dark and scary back there, like a black hole that might suck me in.


Before me, lay this pathway to all things possible.  The more I focused on that light, I saw fresh fields and flowers, animals happily prancing around, birds singing; and I wanted to dance and sing among them.  People smiled with content, oozed peace and serenity.  They were in harmony with their environment.  I focused more still and imagined myself outside playing with them; and light, itself, shone further into the cave and touched the hamster wheel.  Eventually, it lit up a door to my left I hadn't noticed.  The door to my cage.  Finally, I stepped off the wheel, turned the handle, and set myself free.

I lived as the gatekeeper of my own prison.  Now I am the steward of my own paradise.

Flash forward

Sunrise over Quartier Latin, 8:12 am on 12/12/12

Nearly one year ago today, I made the choice to honor my Self and shed what no longer served me.  With the help of a dear and gifted coworker who opened the door to her own cage, I pledged to commit my truest intention to walk a new path to discover my true Self.  My truth.  With Annette's tutelage and the guidance of All That Is, I dusted off and polished the light I always knew was inside, but sometimes couldn't always see for being out of breath from all that running.  Little gems popped up every now and then, but to have a life filled with beautiful crystalline energy every single day is my new goal.  My destiny.  Now that I have given in to that trust, I know I will be divinely guided to live my highest purpose.  I'm still discovering what form that purpose will take… but distractions and detours test my resolve and teach me to stay the course.

This time the course has nothing to do with staying on the wheel.  It's walking the path to the future I desire.  And THAT, my friends, is a work in progress!

How did I know my journey would be a little… unusual?  When I was a little girl, my mother declared I was an old soul.  I used to go around lecturing her on spending money.  "It's the quality, not the quantity, Mommy."  And I frequently claimed I was here to "push people's buttons".  I meant that I was put on this earth to shake people and make them think.  Think about how their lives could be and how we should live as One.  Out of the mouths of babes, right?

Well, I'm here to tell you as much as I would loooove for things to be that easy, they're not.  You might say, I've done the work for you so you don't have to.  Well, that would be the easy way out and you wouldn't learn anything, either.  You have to do your own work if that is the path you choose.

What I can tell you is I promise to be open and truthful and live from the heart.  My heart.

Friends, colleagues, people on the street, on the airplane, on Twitter (yes, I'm on Twitter!) ask me: How do you stay looking so young?   Vibrant?  Healthy?  Move to Paris?  Walk around with this positive attitude despite going through some serious stuff?  For one, it starts with some serious attitude.

One of my favorite sayings is, "An attitude of gratitude creates opportunity."

Despite all that stuff that happened in the past, I'm grateful.  I am, because everything that happened in the past has gone into making me the person I am today, and I think that person is pretty awesome.  ;-)

Hey, I'm still here!

Just Open the Door

So, I pledge to go back to my roots and show you what Delicious Destiny truly means.  Enjoy the time you're here and live life deliciously.  Whether it's following a dream, a passion, a calling, spending a harmonious day at work, making soap, hugging your cat, or eating a macaron, deliciousness comes in many forms.  Honor your Self and you'll nurture your Soul.  Live life with intent and deliciousness will follow.

And now, let's cha cha!

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À la prochaine…

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