What does your wardrobe say about you?


So, here's a little something interesting I've been working on for a while having to do with colors and the energies they bring. Have you ever looked at your wardrobe or your home and realized how consistently coordinated you are? Do you have a closet full of all the same colored clothing or all your furnishings match to a T? Well here's a chart that can provide some insight as to why you choose the way you do.

I first noticed my penchant for pale blues when I moved several years ago and began to unpack.  The anal me decided to organize my clothes according to color and *heavenly harps a-playing* I realized 1/3 of my closet was all the same!  Fast forward: the colors changed from that pale, silvery blue to lavender, to a royal blue, and finally purple.  Lots and lots of purple.  Yes, I've affectionately been called the "purple girl", but I'm okay with that since I know it means I exercise good judgment.  ;-)

Have fun and add a splash of color in your life.

Please share your thoughts and even your wardrobe!

Happy Sunday!

My wardrobe colors

“wardrobe 2” jpeg


(Sources/Inspiration: www.crystal-cure.com and Dr. Michael Newton's 'Journey of Souls')

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