We Are Connected: What I learned from the science geeks


fibonnaci collage-spirals I've been hanging out with some amazing humans online who are much more knowledgeable than me when it comes to that science-y stuff.  I'm the artist who uses photos, culinary skills, and words to express my creativity.  These guys (and fierce ladies) use numbers and quantum physics.  More specifically, Fibonacci numbers, platonic solids; the golden ratio and sacred geometry.  Thanks to books like The Da Vinci Code, I'd at least heard of Fibonacci numbers and even read up on them once, but it wasn't till I saw a similar graphic like the one above that I was officially *mind blown*.  What can I say?  I'm a late bloomer.  Suddenly, what seemed like a boring, university-level math equation, became well, a universal truth begging me to discover its deeper philosophical mysteries.

Who Are We?  Where do we come from and why are we so similar to the leaves, flowers and the very storms that whip up the dust from which we were told we were created?

The eternal question, "Who Am I?", has nagged us since the dawn of time (which is an illusion, btw).

The answer which lay before us all along, my friends, was that We Are One.

Examples of sacred geometry in nature

We Are One with the stars, the Universe and everything in between... our DNA code swirling in an ancient dance than the oldest of the cosmos.  Endless in variety and complexity, we share a mathematical connectedness to the simplest flower.  We harmonize with great musical symphonies and every unborn fetus unfurling in the womb.  No one escapes it and to deny it invites a dis-connectedness, a dis-harmony that invites dis-ease into our systems.  Man has no right to claim dominion over earth, because Man is OF the earth.  To cause damage only harms the fiber of our being and that which sustains and nurtures us.

The day we band together and look deep into our hearts and minds and hear its calling, is the day our collective consciousness will wake up and sing.  There will be no need for fighting, because we would be fighting ourselves.  There will be no hunger, because we could not bear for our brothers and sisters to starve.  We will be good stewards of the land, because without a healthy environment, we are vulnerable and helpless.  We will know the truth that all life is intertwined.

We Are mere parts of a whole, dancing and swirling in the wind with the trees and the flowers and the storms.  We Are connected.

For a non science-y explanation on this ingenious study, please watch this brief video by Matthew Cross. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tAZe6pP-FM

Fibonacci Spiral in art

Till next time.

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